Never been to Namibia before? You have no idea which car you will need? Let me assist you: It all depends on how remote your individual destinations are going to be.

You have got your Namibia-map on your desk for planning? Have a look … Correct, we have only very few roads here.

Tip: Most ‚A‘, ‚B‘ and ‚C‘ routes can be used in an ordinary 2-wheel car!

Routes marked as ‚A‘ or ‚B‘ are tarred and can be travelled at any time, with any kind of car.

‚C‘ roads are dirt / gravel roads, which provide the main connection between more remote towns. These roads are serviced regularly and can also be used in ordinary 2-wheel cars.

‚D‘ roads are district roads which are not serviced regularly. Here you will find travelling in a 4×4 / four-wheel-drive is the safest option.

Common sense and a good measure of caution will keep you safe and alive on Namibian roads: Go with the flow and if the driving gets tough, slow down!

‘P’ roads are private – not for us; and certain areas like the Bushmanland, Kaokoveld, certain parts of the Damaraland, Naukluft and Kalahari regions are too remote to travel alone safely. The same is valid for designated 4×4-areas. Even I don’t travel there on my own…

Keeping this in mind, you can now decide which car will suit your plans best! Use the availability tool … or if you look for the name of an individual ‚cars partner‘ – go to this partner directly for availabilities!

Namibia small map

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