Element Riders – Kite-Surfing / Lüderitz

KITE-SURFING – The – relatively – sheltered bay of Lüderitz is ideal for taking up kite-surfing. The waves are usually not too high and at the same time the windy conditions are always reliable… Only experienced kite-surfing enthusiasts might want to test their skills in Swakopmund.

Level 1: The lessons take place on the beach, and will take 1-2 sessions. You will learn about equipment, weather, terrain, safety, setup, launch, landing, basic kite-flying and handling as well as hand-signals.

Level 2: You train in the water but still without your board – water entry and exit, body-dragging, self-rescue, flying the Power Stroke.


Level 3: Now, skills are trained with board – water-starts, controlling speed, riding upwind, right-of-way rules.

Level 4: Next you will learn transitions (change of direction), turns, self-launch and you will be introduced to jumping.

Most of the time we give 1-on-1 instruction – sometimes for level 1 only, we have groups of two or three participants max.
Each levels is charged at fixed rate (regardless of how many hours are spent). Levels 3 and 4 often require additional practice time on certain tasks where only gear hire applies (no instruction fees). It is highly recommended to bring your own wetsuits (we have 2 or 3 wetsuits for students but they might not fit well enough to make you comfortable in the cold waters of the Benguella current of the Namibian coast.

Depending on the weather and your own fitness level, it can take anything from 7 days to 3 weeks to finish all levels.

Special offer: KITE SURF BOOT CAMP @ N$ 5000.00 per person!
10days in LUEDERITZ incl. ALL 4 levels of KITESURFING & accommodation in our backpackers „ELEMENT RIDERS PLACE“

RATES 2015

Valid 1st January, 2015 to 31st December, 2015





Kite-Surfing level 1

2-4 hours

N$ 950.00

no minimum participation

Kite-Surfing level 2

6-12 hours

N$ 1900.00

no minimum participation

Kite-Surfing level 3

6-12 hours

N$ 2200.00

no minimum participation

Kite-Surfing level 4

4-8 hours

N$ 1300.00

no minimum participation

Private training session

per hour

N$ 500.00

No minimum participation

  • Prices include all gear required (kites, boards, harnesses).
  • Rates include VAT.
  • Unfortunately no credit card facilities.